Embrace Diversity

Although the treatment of college students who are gay, lesbian and bisexual has improved here in South Florida, there is still intolerance and the fear of discrimination both on campus and in society. In high school, many of these students encountered slurs, hostility, and sometimes violence. When they attend college they still have a fear that this pattern will continue and thus are afraid of expressing their sexual preference.

Until this semester, Nova Southeastern University has never had an undergraduate organization focusing on these issues. In the past, talk of forming suchan organization was hindered due to the fear that such a club would not be accepted. But this semester, the enthusiastic Omayra Colon and the creative Kenny Kronstadt took the initiative and formed the Gay/ Straight Student Alliance (GSSA).

The primary goal of GSSA is to support diversity and to eliminate all discrimination, not only against sexual minorities but all forms of intolerance. GSSA's motto is to “Embrace Diversity,” and the club strives to create a safe and nonjudgmental environment for all students at NSU. The club is working towards holding social events as well as promoting education and tolerance by creating a “safe place”. A safe place is an area where students know for certain that they will be accepted and not judged.

GSSA will be holding a “WINTER FEST” on December 5 th at 8:00pm in the Flight Deck and will be providing plenty of food and good cheer! All students are welcome to attend the festival and support diversity.