• Anth

    Shooting for Anth was a blast mainly because Sunil and I were in acting school together and we had tons of fun on the sets of Anth. He is the nicest person to work with and even today remains as humble as he was ten years ago.

  • Andolan

    This was my first shooting ever, I was terribly nervous and Sunju was trying his hardest to keep me calm. I went to Goa for the first time to shoot a song with Sunju. The year was 1992 and I still remember that day like it was just yesterday.

  • Bulund

    Bulund was a fantastic experience because we went to film in Nepal. I had only heard of Nepal growing up, thus was overwhelmed by actually being able to experience the beauty and culture of that place personally.

  • Teesra Kaun

    This was probably the most fun I had on any film set mainly because of Chunky Pandey. He was full of practical jokes and didn't spare anyone not even the director.

  • Aao Pyaar Karen

    I did a "guest appearance" in Aao Pyar Karen and had a great time shooting two songs with Saif. It was a great experience especially because I had the opportunity to work with Saroj Khan. She is the number one Choreographer in Bollywood even today.

  • Krishna Avtaar

    Working with Mithun was a blast! I was a huge fan of his growing up and was thrilled to be his leading lady in the film.

  • Yaar Gaddar

    I can never forget this shooting schedule. This is when I fell to the ground during a song sequence due to severe pain in my stomach. I was rushed to the emergency room and learned that my appendix was about to burst.

  • Mafia

    Mafia was just fun because I played a role of a police officer in the film. I enjoyed walking around in the police uniform and firing some fake gun shots at the bad guys in the movie.

  • Chupp

    Chupp was my last film and I was ecstatic because I had the opportunity to work with a legend, Mr. Om Puri. He was terribly helpful and kept giving me small tips about acting. I'm glad on my way out I had a chance to work with an actor of Mr.Puri's caliber.